of the SECOND YEAR of 


March 1, 1995 to February 28, 1996

Duane Nightingale, President

The officers elected for the second year of CVWA were:

President: Duane Nightingale
Vice President: Jim Jordan
Sect/Tres: Richard Harmon
Dir. at Large: Norman Peterson
Dir. at Large: Howard Johnson

The budget for that year was $1,406.69. One of the major expenses was for chairs which were badly needed. Our membership grew from 38 to near 50 paid members and we were running out of meeting space at Jim Jordan's Woodshop.

A need for a monthly newsletter was a major topic of discussion. First issue (unnamed) did hit the streets in March 1996. The first organized field trip to the Los Angeles Woodworking Show was started and the summer picnic and December Christmas party became an annual event.

I cannot think of an organization or group that I have ever been a part of that I have enjoyed as much as the CVWA. It was a privilege and an honor to serve as the organizations second president. To this day some of my best and lasting friends are the ones that I met as members of the CVWA. CVWA provides the opportunity not only to make friends that enjoy the same hobby but it gives the member a chance to learn/improve his woodworking skills as well.

The local newspaper published an article about CVWA in October of 1995. The newspaper article and a couple of pictures of some of the members are available for your viewing. The page contains two fairly large jpeg files so think about safety while it is loading. Go take a look.

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