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Safety Page
This page is dedicated to getting everyone to THINK SAFETY.

A wood workers' motto, that has been around for years, is, "Measure twice and cut once." The safe woodworkers' motto can be, "Think twice and get cut none." Believing most accidents are not really accidents we can accept that the best safety device we have is our own mind.

Safety Recall of Equipment

The safety story is still being written by wood workers. Following are possible titles that future woodworkers might be writing. If you are one of those authors what will the title of your story be? Could it be one of the following?

Blood Makes a Very Poor Finish for Wood
Breathing Toxic Fumes & Dust is spelled COPD
       Better know as:  (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.)
"Look Mom, All My Fingers" or perhaps,
       Sub Title: "Look Mom, No Fingers."
I Thought I Could Do It Without ... But
I Heard My Mind Say, "Stop" Just Before....
If I Had Only

       Sub Title:  If I Had Only Worn My Face Shield
       Sub Title:  If I Had Only Followed The Safety Instructions
       Sub Title:  If I Had Only Listened To The Warning I Heard In My Mind

Stories About Safety

Have you experienced a safety (or lack of safety) issue? If you have written a safety story then sending it to the Webmaster will give him permission to publish it on this site. Help others by sharing your successes and failures. If you want your email address published with the article then please give it and authorize it's use.. 

Here are some stories.  (Please be patient - there are only two story at the present.) Send yours!


The Psychology of Safety  - - - - - - - by Howard Ford
A Personal Chat About Something Important - - -by Howard Ford
I Told Me So - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -by Howard Ford