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Manufactory Recall of Equipment

Occasionally we hear of equipment that is being recalled because of defects or safety concerns.

1. Sears Radial Arm Saws, built by Emerson Tool Company, the older saws, because of defective safety guard or those not having a blade guard. Go to http://www.radialarmsawrecall.com/ for details.

2. In voluntary coorperation with the U. S., CPSC the Bosch Tool Corporation is recalling certain Skill Warrior Chargers. It is possible for the charge to overheat , posing a potential fire hazard. The Skill Warrior* charges were sold separately or with Skill Warrior drills. Include in the recall are drills and chargers with one of the following model or catalog numbers.

Drill Models: 2735, 2475, 2380, 2480, 2482, 2580, 2882 and 2882

Charger Catalog Numbers: 92950, 92970, 92980, and 92990 The 92990 must include the part number 2610995852

To verify this recall please call 1.800 661-5398.
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