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WELCOME To Our Web Site

The Conejo Valley Woodworkers' Association was formed in 1994 in response to the closing of our local Shopsmith store. Many of us had come to appreciate the fellowship of other woodworkers in our area and wanted to continue the interchange of information and growth that comes from such fellowship. We decided to form the CVWA. We welcome all that have an interest in any type of woodworking at any skill level. Our goals are to help members increase their woodworking skills and promote woodworking to educational systems and to the general public. We have monthly meetings and usually a monthly Saturday activity, which may be a class, a field trip, a shop visit, or a social activity.

We encourage you to browse through all of our website. We invite you to attend our meetings and to join our organization. We share this with you for your enjoyment.

Conejo Valley Woodworkers' Association
P.O. Box 1838
Thousand Oaks, CA 91358-0838

(805) 491-2599

President: Christian Ziegler

2016-2017 CVWA Board Members and Officers

Board Members

Elected Officers
PresidentChristian Ziegler(805)
Vice PresidentTom Welz(805)
SecretaryBrian Connell(805)
TreasurerBill Aurand(805)
MembershipDave Seidler(805)
CommunicationsRandy Spengler
Past PresidentCharlie North(805) 427-5370
Appointed Positions
Mentor ProgramDave Seidler(805)
LibrarianVince Vlasic(805) 492-5260
WebmasterAubrey Grey(805)
Toy ProjectArlen Handberg(805)
ReporterJudith Ziegler(805)
EditorStephen Case-Pall(805)
SoundMike Gorn(805)
RaffleBill Battocchio(805)
Rande Bence(805) 349-5507 
 Larry French(805) 639-6726
RefreshmentsWillard Anderson(805)
Jim Goram(805) 402-2415
AuctionTom Welz(805)
Silent AuctionJudith Ziegler(805)

Past Presidents

Howard Ford (Founder)1994 - 1995  
Duane Nightingale1995 - 1996
Howard Johnson1996 - 1997 
Brad Ormsby1997 - 1998  
Stan Wolpert1998 - 1999
John Tarpley1999 - 2000  
Stephen Case-Pall2000 - 2001  
Mike DeCaprio2001 - 2002  
Ira Goldberg2002 - 2003  
Marlene Peters2003 - 2004  
Arlen Handberg2004 - 2005  
Tim Albers2005 - 2007  
Stephen Case-Pall2007 - 2008  
Brady Andresen2008 - 2010  
Bob Pollard2010 - 2011  
Mark Ayers2011 - 2012 
Chuck Pearson2012 - 2013 
Tom Denton2013 - 2015 
Charlie North2015 - 2016 


Don't Miss the History of CVWA

Go see our appreciation of Glenn Packard who started this web site in 1999