John Wagar

John in conjunction with the future owner, designed this 94" by 43"special purpose dining table. John used Cherry to construct it and accented it with Wenge. The top of the table is divided into 60, eight inch squares, that will be covered with one quarter inch thick glass. Each square will become the home for 32 bottle corks for a total of 1,920 corks which is a part of the owners collection of corks.
12/7/2003 Click on image for closeup.

The corner picture shows the quality of John's work. The joints are mortise and tenon with square Wenge pegs allowing for cross grain movement. Even the bottom of each leg is protected with a thin piece of beveled Wenge, which provides a dense wood to protect the end grain of the Cherry leg.
It is finished with 8 to 10 coats of lacquer giving it a beautiful matte finish. This is a quality piece of furniture.
2/14/2003 Click on image for closeup.