Conejo Valley Woodworkers Association
Guide to Jigs and Fixtures
June 2004 Supplement to the Bladerunner

Jig: Universal Quick Clamping Fixture Reference: #001
Presenter: Marshall Nathanson Used with:Drill Press
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This is a universal quick clamping fixture for use on a drill press. The toggle clamps have a mounting pattern of screw holes on 1-inch by 1-inch centers. A series of 1-inch holes are spaced as shown under the toggle riser blocks. The toggle clamps can then be shifted in or out on 1-inch spacing to accommodate the size of the work piece. The riser block is made of hardwood 1¾" high. As shown, this allows 1½" stock to be clamped with a ¾" scrap board below. Or, ¾" stock can be clamped with a 1½" scrap board below. The toggle clamp screws are adjustable over a 1-inch range to optimize clamping pressure and adjust to other sizes of stock. The fixture base is 1¼" plywood and is massive enough for minor drilling with spade bits. For use with a circle cutter the entire fixture is clamped to the drill press table.