Chuck Diedrich

These Cribbage Boards were made by Chuck Diedrich. The State boards for Wisconsin, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho and New York are made from various woods with brass inserts.
2/4/2005 Click on image for closeup.

This Guitar shaped Cribbage Board is made from hard maple with concentric inlays of Purple Heart and Coco bolo. The neck is laminated Purple Heart and Oak edge banding to simulate the guitar strings. The frets are inlaid brass. Cribbage scoring pegs are stored as simulated string tensioners in the handle. They are removable, modified brass shelf holders, inserted into 1/8" brass sleeves.
It is finished in Tung Oil and wax.
2/4/2005 Click on image for closeup.

Chuck Diedrich carved this Fireplace insert from hard maple and Kingwood. The technique used to color most of the image is burning!
3/4/2004 Click on image to see closeup.

Diedrich Hawk
Chuck Diedrich carved this Red Tail Hawk from tupelo.
2/6/2004 Click on image for closeup.