Jack Budny

Jack made this jig to hold purchased plywood in his car while transporting it home.
9/8/2017 Click on image to see closeup.

Jack made this Infeed/Outfeed support for his table saw, jointer, planer, drill press and band saw. It is to handle long stock and was made from scrap wood. Note that it is NOT a tripod, which would tilt!
3/5/2011 Click on image to see closeup.

This is a Sheet Stock Carrier designed to carry 4x8 sheets of 3/4" plywood. It is made from 3/4" Birch plywood and is left unfinished.
2/5/2011 Click on image to see closeup.

These His and Hers Walking Canes are made from a Camphor branch given by Bill Brandt. The finish is wipe on stain followed by wipe on polyurethane.
9/3/2010 Click on image to see closeup.

This is a Time Learning toy to help 2-5 year olds to tell time. It is made from 1/2" plywood and painted.
6/5/2010 Click on image to see closeup.

Jewelry Rack Jack designed and constructed the jewelry rack for his daughter so she could place it on her dresser or mount it on the wall. The three panels are attached using360-degree hinges so that the jewelry, once displayed on the rack, could be transported without the pieces falling off by folding the panels upon themselves. The rack is constructed of walnut and maple frames in which " polyethylene coated hardware cloth is secured with oak pegs. The finish is three coats of high-gloss brushed polyurethane.
2/3/2010 Click on image to see closeup.

Occasional Table Jack designed and constructed the table. Alder was used with black ebony accents (edging around top, inlay and mortise blocks). Finished with an initial coat of sealer followed by a single coat of Watco Oil (Natural) and finished with three coats of wipe-on varnish.

Shoe Bench Jack designed a sitting bench to be used outside the front door of his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren's home in Kornwestheim Germany for changing house shoes to street shoes and vice versa. The bench contains a tilted rack below the seat to store shoes. The bench is made of poplar with through tenons. The accent wood is walnut. The wood of the seat is two jointed boards, one of which was selected for its highly decorative knot. The knot is fixed with cyanoacrylate glue. As shown, the bench is unfinished but it was ultimately finished with four coats of brushed Watco Oil (Natural).

Lateral File CabinetJack constructed the case using " mahogany plywood with ebony inlay and walnut trim. He specifically designed the case with dimensions to fit a niche in his home. The file drawers are made of " birch plywood. The cabinet sets on a castered platform constructed of 2"X6" fir planks. Full-extension drawer slides we used. The finish is brushed satin polyurethane.

Molly Brown Table Jack made the portable/folding table from a plan originally published in American Woodworker, April 2000. The table is constructed of walnut with a Tung Oil rubbed on finish.
2/3/2010 Click on image to see closeup.

Jack made this Fundamental Machine for this month's challenge. Mallet made from ash with brass pins, unfinished.
5/8/2009 Click on image to see closeup.

Jack made this lateral file cabinet. It is made Mahogany and Birch Plywood, Walnut trim, and Ebony inlay. The finish Satin Polyurethane.
9/5/2008 Click on image to see closeup.