January 2013 Meeting Pictures


Juan Hovey, who makes infill planes under his craftsman name Juan Vergara. Juan is a retired newspaperman, turned self-taught woodworker, who saw a magazine piece on making infill planes last spring and decided to test his skills. He bought a kit on e-Bay and, thinking that he could do better, put that one on the scrap heap and made two others from scratch. They cut some pretty fine shavings, he says, and that hooked him. He has made eight more since then, one after the other, refining his design and technique and experimenting with different woods for the infill. It takes work and planning to make an infill plane from scratch, he says, but if you pay attention at half a dozen key points in the process, you can end up with a plane at least the equal of, if not better than, anything you can buy on the market. Juan is a former member of the San Fernando Valley Woodworkers Club now living in Santa Maria on the central coast of California.
1/11/2013 Click on image to see closeup.