July 2008 Challenge

Stephen Case-Pall A miniature birdhouse turned from Sycamore, Ebony, Cocobolo and Ash. Finished in wax.
Stephen Case-Pall A real size nesting birdhouse made for Green Singing Finches is made from 1/4" plywood.
Tom Denton (no description)
Dale Iddings is a bird hangout made from Cedar Stake and finished in Linseed Oil. (Air conditioned on both sides.)
Dan Gallo turned a miniature bird house from Redwood, Spalted Maple and finished in sanding sealer and buffed with Carnauba wax. The arbor was cut on the scroll saw. The body and base is Mahogany. It is finished in boiled linseed oil; top coat is Deft spray lacquer.
Paul Grey made this from recycled fence and doghouse roof.
Arlen Handberg made his Bat House from plywood from a Carlsbad Caverns' book plans.
Bob Holmquist made the Chinese Birdhouse from scrap wood.
Chuck Pearson made his birdhouse from Ash. It looks like a tree trunk and it a 'natural' band saw box.
Loren Stone named his Appalachian Birdhouse because it looked like a tar paper shack he saw in the Appalachians. It is make from rough lumber and is not square.
Dan Waingrow made a Cat Bird House
Bill Waters made his birdhouse from Cedar fencing which has been outside 20 years.
7/4/2008 Click on image to see closeup.