March 2006 Meeting Pictures

Jeff Browne

These two Picture Frames are made complementary with Cherry and Quilted Maple. The finish is Danish Oil and Hand Wax.
3/3/2006 Click on image to see closeup.

David Butler

This Electric Guitar, made from Hard Maple, was made completely by hand with purchased hardware. The finish is nitrocellulose Lacquer.
3/3/2006 Click on image for closeup.

Stephen Case-Pall

These Hollow Forms are a new class of project for Stephen. The first is made from Mahogany and Maple, and finished in wax. The second pair are made from a branch of Mesquite with the pith removed from the center. It is also finished in wax.
3/3/2006 Click on image to see closeup.

Gene built this Mechanical Model to demonstrate rotary motion to reciprocal for the children's museum. It is made from Walnut, Mahogany, and Birch. It is finished in Polycrylic.
3/3/2006 Click on image to see closeup.

Bill Gourlay

This walnut Entertainment Center was custom-built for an alcove in Bill's son's condo. It was built in two sections, using a full-size pattern for the footprint, which was made on-site from poster boards. The right side is 90 degrees from the back wall, while the left side is 135 degrees from the back wall, creating an interesting clamping problem. The faceframe is solid walnut. Sides are 3/4"walnut plywood. Back is 1/2" walnut-stained birch plywood. Biscuit joinery was used extensively. There are two low-voltage 20-watt lights in the top. If the lights should generate excess heat, there are vent holes hidden behind the top rail of the faceframe. A rocker-style light switch is hidden behind the right stile just above the first shelf. The board against the ceiling (which covers the inevitable gap) has two routed, beaded edges. The beads on both stiles were made using separate pieces of walnut molding, fastened with brads. The top section is 62"h. x 53"w. x 15" d.
The lower section was built and installed first. It is 30"h. x 59"w. x 22"d. It has four flat-panel doors, fixed shelves, a solid walnut top, a solid walnut faceframe and a 3" x3" kick space.. The carcase is birch plywood on a poplar frame.
Finish is Semi-gloss, oil-based Varathane and Finishing Wax..
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3/25/2006 Click on image for closeup.

Dave Hergesheimer

Dave's Birthday Cake is made from Maple, Walnut, Caro and Mahogany. It is finished in Lacquer. The icing comes off revealing a lidded box. (Photo by Stephen Case-Pall)
3/4/2006 Click on image to see closeup.

Andrew Purdy

This Carved Meadowlark is made from Tupelo and has a Cherry base. The carving is painted with Acrylic Paints. Everything was hand made except from the twig, eyes and feet.
3/3/2006 Click on image for closeup.

Neal Rogers

Neal built this Wedding Box with dovetails from figured Cherry and Purpleheart. The finish is shellac, polyoil, and wax. This box contained all of the necessities for our wedding ceremony on February 18th.
3/3/2006 Click on image to see closeup.