August 2004 Meeting Pictures

Don Andrews

These are Don Andrews' toys for Christmas. They are trucks, puzzles, and plaques made from a mix of woods. They are finished in Deft.
8/6/2004 Click on image to see closeup.

Stephen Case-Pall

Large serving tray Species of Wood: Oak ply veneered with Olive Ash Burl, Walnut sides, Coco bolo corner details
Type of Finish: Tray: Various clear finishes polished with auto rubbing compound on orbital sander. Sides:Orange shellac and clear lacquer.
Special points of interest about the project: Because the tray is too wide to go through our bedroom door, it has handles on both wide and narrow sides.
8/4/2004 Click on image to see closeup.

Dan Gallo

This is Cody's Dragon Pendulum Clock made of 1/2" oak with a base of Philippine mahogany. It is finished in Watco Danish oil and Deft spray lacquer.
8/6/2004 Click on image for closeup.

Bill Gourlay

Dresser Top Valet This is a dresser top valet made from Walnut. It has four coats of tung oil. The plans came from the Woodworker's Journal.
8/6/2004 Click on image to see closeup.